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DPH, What’s the Deal?


A Digital and Public Humanities Podcast produced by Phoenix Studios

Humanities+ is a collaboration between Dr. Caroline Boswell, Associate Professor of Humanities and History, Rachel Scray, a student in History, Digital and Public Humanities, and Arts Management, and Kate Farley, the producer Phoenix Studios Podcast Network. The purpose of Humanities+ is to provide listeners with meaningful discussions with enthusiasts, scholars, and experts on the intricate fields of Digital and Public Humanities in order to expand our listener’s thinking and perspective on the subject.

Dr. Caroline Boswell, Humanities+ Editor and Co-Host

Dr. Caroline Boswell is an Associate Professor of Humanities and European History. Her teaching and research interests include early modern European history; British and Irish history; Atlantic history; popular politics and political culture; social history; and digital and public humanities.

Rachel Scray, Humanities+ Writer and Co-Host

Rachel Scray is an undergraduate student studying History, Digital and Public Humanities, and Arts Management with an emphasis in Museums and Galleries. Rachel’s career goal is to work within arts and cultural organizations and hopes to one day become a curator of an art history museum.

Episode 1: DPH, What’s The Deal?

Welcome to the very first episode of UW-Green Bay’s Digital and Public Humanities podcast, Humanities+. The topic of the first episode is “What is Digital and Public Humanities and why is it so difficult to explain?” In this episode, we sit down with the Dean of College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Dr. Chuck Rybak to discuss the creation of the program at UWGB. A group of dedicated professors initiated the creation of a DPH program here at the university and Dr. Rybak was one of them. There are many Digital Humanities, Public Humanities, and Public history programs across the nation. UWGB is unique in the fact that they have incorporated these fields into one program, Digital and Public Humanities. Because of these different layers involved in the program, defining and describing the DPH has become a difficult process. In order to get a better understanding of the interdisciplinary field, we chatted with Dr. Rybak about the debates surrounding the field of digital and public humanities.

Will we find common ground? Or, is our focus in the wrong place? Is finding a definition all that important to the field? What if, instead of being tied down by what the definition is, we focused on what our values as humanists are when it comes to the field of DPH? These questions and more are discussed in the first episode of Humanities+. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcast because we sure had fun making it!

Below are links to the sources that inspired this episode and discussion:

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