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HERstory & Women of DH


A Digital and Public Humanities Podcast produced by Phoenix Studios.

Welcome to the second episode of UW-Green Bay’s Digital and Public Humanities podcast, Humanities+. This podcast is a collaboration between Dr. Caroline Boswell, Associate Professor of Humanities & European History, Rachel Scray, a student in History, Digital and Public Humanities and Arts Management, and Kate Farley, Phoenix Studios Producer. The purpose of Humanities+ is to provide listeners with meaningful discussions with enthusiasts, scholars, and experts on the intricate fields of Digital and Public Humanities in order to expand our listener’s thinking and perspective on the subject.

Episode 2: HERstory and Women of DH

In celebration and recognition of Women’s History Month, the topic of this episode of Humanities+ is “HERstory and the Digital Humanities Women of Today”. In our second episode, that was recorded in March, we sat down with Dr. Caroline Boswell, Associate Professor of Humanities and History (Humanities+ Editor) and Dr. Rebecca Nesvet, Associate Professor of English, Humanities, and Women’s and Gender Studies to discuss the large topic of female scholars in Digital Humanities. In the first part of this episode, we have a conversation about the vital role of women in history and then move our discussion towards the work, projects, and experiences of female scholars in the DH field today. Throughout history, women have been marginalized, oppressed, and treated vastly different than their male counterparts. Unfortunately, these instances of sexism still exist today. However, women are fighting back and through the use of Digital Humanities, these conversations are being presented to wider platforms. Throughout this episode, we will discuss these issues while celebrating the contributions that female scholars, activist, and feminists have made in bringing these conversations to a more public level.

Who from HERstory has inspired you in your life, and why? What sorts of challenges do female scholars face when working in the digital humanities and academia at large? What are the structures that impede women from connecting to digital humanities and in what ways are women addressing these challenges? These questions and more are discussed in our second episode of Humanities+. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode!

Episode 2: HERstory and the Women of DH

Below are links to the sources that inspired some of the discussions we had in this week’s episode:

Anna Reser, Why We’re Giving Up Conferences in 2019, Lady Science, 2019.

Moya Z. Bailey, All the Digital Humanists Are White, All the Nerds are Men, but Some of us are Brave, Journal of Digital Humanities, N.A.

Miriam Posner, Some things to think about before you exhort everyone to code, Miriam Posner’s Blog, 2012.
Lauren F. Klein and Catherine D’ignazio, Data Feminism,, 2018.

Special shout out links:

Dig History: “Women historians digging up intimate stories of the past to uncover the history that matters.”

Lady Science: “Lady Science is a magazine of the history and popular culture of science. We Publish a variety of voices and work on women and gender across the sciences.”
The History Chicks: “You want to know how the women are remembered, how their legacies live on and how you can learn more. We can do that!”

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