Learning Juncture with Ann Hanlon

On Tuesday, October 18, Ann Hanlon, Head of Digital Collections and Initiatives at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, spent the day at UWGB to share her experiences with developing the DH Lab, a robust digital archives, and other projects she has been involved in. Speaking to a number of faculty, staff, and students, Hanlon concluded her visit with a demonstration of Juncture.

“Building Visual Essays Using Juncture with Ann Hanlon” presented at the Cofrin Library, Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

Provided by JSTOR Labs, Juncture is, “a free-to-use, open source framework for converting simple text files into an engaging visual essay.” These visual essays are comprised of text as well as images, maps, videos, images, and other interactive elements. Juncture also supports the ability to create a web-based collections of these essays.

In the video above, Hanlon provides a brief overview of how to set up a simple essay in Juncture which includes connecting a GitHub account and gathering suitable images that can take advantage of Juncture’s features.

Setting up a Juncture essay isn’t difficult but there are a few preparatory steps which are detailed in Juncture’s quick start guide.

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