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Let’s Talk Games & Digital Humanities


A Digital and Public Humanities Podcast produced by Phoenix Studios

Humanities+ is a collaboration between Dr. Caroline Boswell, associate professor of Humanities and History, Rachel Scray, a student in History, Digital and Public Humanities, and Arts Management, and Kate Farley, the producer of Phoenix Studios Podcast Network. The goal of Humanities+ is to provide listeners with meaningful discussions with enthusiasts, scholars, and experts on the intricate fields of Digital and Public Humanities in order to expand our listeners’ thinking and perspective on the subject.

Episode 6: Let’s Talk Games & Digital Humanities

In this episode, student host Rachel Scray is joined by guests assistant professor of English and Humanities, Julialicia Case and assistant professor of English and Humanities, Christopher Williams. Together, we discuss how the field of digital humanities approaches interactive modes of learning like gamification, especially through game design and participation. We discuss the importance of narrative building and storytelling to create “edutainment” and to address issues to promote social change.

Games referenced in this episode:

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Links to the sources that inspired some of the discussions we had in this weeks episode:

Wilson, R., Saklofske, J. and INKE Research team, T., 2019. Playful Lenses: Using Twine to Facilitate Open Social Scholarship through Game-based Inquiry, Research, and Scholarly Communication. KULA: knowledge creation, dissemination, and preservation studies, 3(1), p.5. DOI:

Bogost, Ian. How to Do Things With Videogames. University of Minnesota Press, 2011. Accessed February 25, 2020.

Ian Bogost on Serious Games

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