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(Live) 1619 Project


A Digital and Public Humanities Podcast produced by Phoenix Studios

Humanities+ is a collaboration between Dr. Caroline Boswell, Associate Professor of Humanities and History, Rachel Scray, a student in History, Digital and Public Humanities, and Arts Management, and Kate Farley, the producer of Phoenix Studios Podcast Network. The purpose of Humanities+ is to provide listeners with meaningful discussions with enthusiasts, scholars, and experts on the intricate fields of Digital and Public Humanities in order to expand our listeners’ thinking and perspective on the subject.

Episode 5: (Live) The 1619 Project

In this live podcast which was a part of the CAHSS Human Rights Conference, Humanities+ host Rachel Scray and guest co-host Preston Fischer engage Dr. Eric Morgan, Associate Professor of Democracy & Justice Studies and History, in a discussion of the New York Times’ controversial “1619 Project.” Together they will summarize the project, talk about the public dialogue that has emerged around it, and consider its ability to provoke a national conversation about the legacy of slavery and its centraility to the American narrative. 

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