Pop-Up Student Showcase

Monday, May 6th, 12:45-4:30 PM, Weidner Center, Studio 301

Come see students in Democracy and Justice Studies, History, Humanities, Political Science, and Public and Environmental Affairs exhibit and celebrate student work through an afternoon extravaganza that will include demonstrations, launches, celebrations, presentations, and live podcast recordings.

To give you a taste of what the afternoon has in store, consider these enticing teasers of the work on exhibit:

From 1:30-2:05 PM, students in the History gateway methods course, The Craft of History, will present their research on 1960s and 1970s environmental activism in Wisconsin. Each of five projects is based on original archival research and will be shared through an article in the MediaWiki-based Encyclopedia of Wisconsin Environmental History.

From 12:45-1:25 PM, students in the Humanities/History Capstone Experience, Designing Historical Databases, will share the beta-version of their collaboratively-built database of criminal court cases from Brown County, c.1890-1939. Two other groups will share research that exhibit what lines of inquiry the database makes possible for independent and academic scholars.

From 3:45-4:15 PM, students in Democracy and Justice Studies & Political Science’s American Political Thought will discuss their curation of a 2-week exhibition of artwork from UWGB’s collection, titled “Fight for your Rights” which challenges viewers to consider how minorities and majorities have contested the ideals of American Democracy, historically and today. Featuring works from artists such as Amos Kennedy Jr., Carlos Cartez, and Judi Jourdan Mcdaniel, this exhibit considers from an intersectional perspective how groups such as Hmong Americans, the working class, and indigenous people have explored American ideals through art. The Exhibit runs from April 30th-May 7th, in the 407 Gallery in Studio Arts with a kickoff talk welcoming viewers into the exhibit on May 6th in the Weidner Center! The talk will discuss the process of collaborating on an exhibit and the challenges for social science students to apply their learning in a new context. 

Rachel Scray, the host of Humanities+, will be poppin’ in throughout the day to live record students and professors who wish to share their experiences engaging in project-based and community-oriented work for the upcoming Humanities +podcast episode! 

Join Public & Environmental Affairs faculty, alumni and fellow students to celebrate graduates, award scholarships and recognize community partners. A panel of alumni will share their experience and advice on Launching a Successful Career at 4 PM in the Weidner Lobby.

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